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Free Games from 9pm -1 am

For the rest of the month of september:

Free Games! from 9pm -1am ON THURSDAY,FRIDAY AND SATURDAY NIGHTS. ALL DAY SUNDAY! with a 10 dollar purchase.

all you have to do is buy 10 bucks worth of some delicious beverage or food and all the games cost you and your buddies nothing!

sounds good dont it?

see ya at the Arcade.

some many Games so little time!

Every Third wednesday of the Month!

Every Third Wednesday of the Month! Super Smash Bros. tournament it cost 6 bucks to enter. cash prizes are awarded! Yay!

parlor2Duckpin Bowling Tournament is upon us again! Aug. 30th 10 dollar entry fee gets you 3 games and a chance to win cash!

9 ball tournament 5 dollar entry fee! sponsored by Blue Mountain Brewery!

9 ball tournament 5 dollar entry fee! sponsored by Blue Mountain Brewery!

The Wheel of Fate!

It’s been a while since we last spoke. Much has changed. Game night now includes… The Wheel of Fate!

Every Tuesday night 7:30-9pm.


Who can defeat the Ping Pong King?

img_4927 img_4925 img_4923 img_4924

It was cold outside. folks new to the Ping Pong world arrived early. There was a hint of out with the old in with the new in the air. It felt like change. Ted was in master form… but it wasn’t enough. congrats Andrea. you are the king.

First ever duckpin bowling tournament

They came from Mount Jackson, Shenandoah, Elkton,and Harrisonburg. with the heat blazing down on their faces Duckpin players from the valley ascended upon Rubys Arcade in hopes to win the prize of money.Hopes were shattered for most after the first game saw Jason Housden roll a 168. still they trudged on like soldiers in the night, seeking the sweet spot of the 1 pin. Laughter shook the approach and troubles washed away. it was a great night for all who came. with the last roll of the night Jason was our winner with Timmy and Jonathan walking away with some extra greenbacks as well. the only question that was left was ” when are we doing it again?” The answer January 5th. see ya then. Happy Birthday Drew!

Darts Darts Baby

Twas the night before Thanksgiving and all through the arcade folks were drinking beer and Iced tea with Lemonade .A high school reunion was there they all had big hearts and i was in the back room waiting on folks to play darts Terry arrived Knowledgable and true and so did matt and 2 mikes a Levi too. we all gathered round to throw 301 little did we know math could be so much fun and out of the blue there arose a clatter it was Neal and sarah with no worries or no matter they played and they played they played the whole lot and time kept on ticken but we all forgot and Neal was the winner and i heard him say i’ll be back next month on every 4th Wednesday!

img_4899 img_4898 img_4895 img_4896

Foosball- the challenge

what do folks from Connecticut, Shennandoah National Park, a Father/Son duo, and three nice guys have in common?



well played everyone.

Rubys hosts a free Foosball Tournament the second Wednesday of every Month. might i suggest you find a partner and come on down.

A Ping Pong Life

Life as a ping pong master is a lonely exsistance,To master the art of hand and eye can make you feel superior.



like a wizard

So cheers to our Wizard Andrea, he’s done it again.

“It was Rigged!” Ruby’s Arcade wins bar games for the Burg

Bar games for the burg happened last night at the Arcade.A Fundraiser for Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance. The teams arrived ready to play . Newcomers the Friendly Fermenters arriving early preparing for battle.

Ferment your soul!!!

Ferment your soul!!!

As “eye of the tiger” by Survivor played loudly over the speakers the first balls were tossed and Desperate teams attempted to put a ring on a hook.

" that string is too long!" - said a bunch of whiners who couldn't get it

” that string is too long!” – said a bunch of whiners who couldn’t get it

Early on The Turner Ham team felt like the favorites, racking up strkes and spares winning the Duckpin portion of the contest.but in second place lingered Rubys arcade.

second place in duckpin never felt so good!

second place in duckpin never felt so good!

Beer was drank, pizza was eaten, and the ping pong/9 ball Tournaments began. Food Bar Food an early 9 ball favorite out early! This was going to be anyone’s game.

The agony of defeat never looked so good

The agony of defeat never looked so good

Ping Pong became an intense showing of force as Turner Ham once again came to play. Yet still in the back ground coming in second was Rubys arcade.

second place!

second place!

More beer was drank and a sense of excitement stirred through the crowd as Foosball began and special games were announced The Fermenters take the Foosball,But  Roller Bowler is the key to Ruby’s arcade success. Strong Showing all around from Clementine ,Matchbox, and Capital Ale House.

Chicken Dinner!

Chicken Dinner!

what Jae and Ryan felt like after they won!

a unique experience that was shared by so many wonderful Downtown businesses. Two powerhouse teams from the SBC , a last minute substitution from Cuban Burger, and the first time ever to duck pin bowl guys from Beyond, it felt like you hoped it would feel like in the friendly city, Fun.congrats Rubys Arcade- “it was rigged”lets do it again soon.

everybody's a winner!...not really.

everybody’s a winner!…not really.