Congratulations Harrisonburg!

You all are the owners of one of the last places you’ll ever have a chance to play the original game of Duckpins. Duckpin Bowling- the great equalizer- small balls, small pins, and a challenge for all ages.
‘This Game is rigged!” says Tim Brady the owner of Pale Fire Brewing on a cool Wednesday night at Ruby’s Arcade.

pf-vs-brothersThe event was a Duckpin bowling Tournament between two local breweries, Pale Fire and Brothers brewing. Laughter, conversation, and a little dancing later…fun was had by all!

until the next morning when they had to work
Of course that’s just the thing about Duckpins, the gimmicky size of it all makes it feel closer to a carnival game than a traditional 10 pin bowling experience. The ease and fury that one can toss a ball down the lane makes you feel super human compared to 10 pin bowling.


” my will be done!!!”

Its the mighty Kacey looking for a showdown with pins 9 inches tall.

" Go CUBS! "

” Go CUBS! “

And the mighty Kacey has struck out.

Its a hard game, in a world that is looking for immediate gratification, Duckpin is the road less traveled.

roadNever in the History of Duckpin in the United States, has a perfect game been bowled. The USA, a country that defies rules and boundaries, a country that strives to set new standards, can not do it! And man have we tried! At the height of duckpins popularity, the National Duckpin Bowling Congress had 300,000 sanctioned bowlers in 1967. Thats a lot of games thrown, but nobodies perfect.

"where did i leave my keys?!?"

“where did i leave my keys?!?”

The game of duckpin is geographically alive on the East coast and thats about it. 30 or so houses remain.

east-coastBut somehow, you, the people of Harrisonburg got a new bowling alley, a Duckpin bowling alley.


featuring such hits as-” 81 runs through it ” or ” JMU owns me”

The past is present. The machines that set the pins are antiques (circa 1959), the ball returns are ancient, made of hard maple and old rubber. This game looks like it belongs on Coney Island not the basement of the Wine Brothers building in downtown Harrisonburg, known as a turkey town before JMU’s popularity exploded on the scene.

We needed this. Harrisonburg needed something else fun to do with our friends and family.

This is how i spend Saturday night with the kids

This is how i spend Saturday night with the kids

but at the same time something so different that it makes Austin Texas a little jealous.

duck-pin-bowlingSo roll a ball Harrisonburg.

See ya at the Arcade.