Let it be known. Rates and Rules

Game Pass

What is game Pass?

$5 buys you a wrist band that allows you to play whatever you want for as long as you want in the main game room.

Also 1/2 price Bowling when you purchase a game pass!

Available Tuesday-Thursday 3-10
Friday & Saturday 11:30-9 (after 9 pm, $5 cover allows you to play all games inc bowling!)
All day Sunday!


Family Style
Share the games

Ruby’s has spared no expense in time, money and effort to bring you the finest games, beverages, and food for your enjoyment at an affordable cost. We please ask you to respect our establishment and staff so that we might continue to serve you.

A credit card is required to use any of our games! You give us a card, and we will set you up with the proper equipment in order to play, Misuse or theft of equipment will result in charging your card the replacement cost.


$20 per Lane per hour

Up to 4 people per lane


$12 per table

Up to 4 people per table


$5 per lane

Up to 4 people per board

Shuffle Board

$5 per lane

Up to 4 people per table

Ping Pong

$5 per table

Up to 4 people per table


$5 per table

Up to 4 people per table

House Rules

  1. Do not set drinks on any of the games
  2. No yelling – speak easy
  3. No gambling
  4. Please keep the joint clean
  5. Spills happen, report spills that require mopping so they can be cleaned up quickly
  6. Please, keep your kids in check. If they are under 13 they need direct parental supervision at all times! Do not let them run wild
  7. We ask that you remember to be men and women of good character

Bowling Rules

  1. No hard soles shoes (i.e. boots, or high heels or stinky feet)
  2. No cross lane bowling
  3. Please show lane courtesy
  4. Play considered damaging to the lanes is unacceptable and violators will be asked to leave without a refund. This includes: unnecessary lofting of balls, any overhand bowling motions, purposely hitting the swing arm, or throwing more than one ball at a time
  5. Maximum of 4 people per lane

Pool table rules

  1. Do not sit on the edge of the table
  2. Do not set drinks on the table
  3. Abusive language or misuse of company property will result in closing the pool table
  4. Have fun and be respectful

Replacement Costs

You will be charged a replacement fee if you if lose or misuse our equipment

  • Shuffleboard Puck = $15
  • Ping Pong Ball = $2
  • Pool Balls = $3
  • Foosball = $5
  • Ping Pong Paddles = $25
  • Darts = $25
  • Pool Cue = $85
  • Pool Triangle = $10
  • Torn Pool Table Felt = $600