Art- subjective and controversial. something to look at while you pee.

When Ruby’s arcade opened up, I thought it would be fun to adorn the bathrooms with beautiful retro art from the 50’s of bowlers and bowling, there was a book my in laws had found in Richmond called 10 secrets of Bowling.

"is it cold in here?"

“is it cold in here?”

Since the beginning of the human race we have put art on the walls. We like to be amused while we pee.


and use dinosaurs as slaves and watch TV…

"once i read this book all the secrets will be mine! moohahah!" -said no one

“once i read this book all the secrets will be mine! moohahah!” -said no one

The story was a little dry but I found the art perfect. Illustrated by Anthony Ravielli , I said this will look nice, lets look at this…while we pee..

The first response I received was thats going to be stolen.

"Captain Pancake! NO!!!"-

“Captain Pancake! NO!!!”-

-What? -Yes,Stolen, people love to steal stuff like that when they’ve been drinking low and behold they were right so far ive had 5 pictures and frames stolen from the Mens bathroom.

I've dusted for finger prints, but these guys are good.

I’ve dusted for finger prints, but these guys are good.

real pros.

real pros.

Zero from the women’s. Zero. So this leads me to believe a few things:
1.that men care far more about art than women do!


“right next to my glow in the dark Pink Floyd poster”

2.women don’t realize how easy it is to steal a picture off a bathroom wall.

or my heart.

or my heart.

3.Hillary for President

"I will steal for her." -males

it’s not a real mystery that it doesn’t take much to excite the young male. Games, people,TV’s, all in abundance at the arcade.

"I will steal for her." -males

“I will steal for her.”

And then they get to go into that little private room (The bathroom) where anything goes. And so goes the art.

in our case ... nothing.

in our case … nothing.

Goodbye Art. I hope your enjoy your new home in a dank man cave, or a smoke filled apartment or perhaps in another bathroom where you can stare at it and remember how you stole it. How you got the last laugh on this place, how You dominated our bathroom.

Go get em big guy.

Go get em big guy.

Go get em Hillary.

Go get em Hillary.